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PA law allows prisoners to give their salaries to whoever they choose

PA regulation 18, 2010 from the Ministry of Prisoners’ Affairs:
“Paragraph 1: Authorized agent: The person who is authorized to receive the salary in place of the prisoner.”
“Paragraph 5:
1. If the prisoner is married, his wife will be his authorized agent, unless the prisoner appoints someone else instead of her.
2. If the prisoner is not married, one of his parents will be the authorized agent. The prisoner determines which one of them or any other person [will be the authorized agent], if there is an argument about it.
3. Authorization of an agent is done by an authorization of agent [form] issued by the Red Cross, that is signed by the prisoner, or by a special authorization of agent [form] signed by him and approved by a lawyer of the Ministry [of Prisoners’ Affairs] and by the General Administration for Legal Matters of the Ministry. It will be valid for use by the Ministry only for the purpose of the salary.”
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