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Student's poem in PA youth magazine promotes Shahada: "Arise, hero, and die a Martyr"

Headline: "The Palestinian hero"
Poem by Ahmed Zitawi, a student at the high school for boys in Jamma’in in the southern Nablus district
 “Arise, hero,
Be not like a stone.
Arise and defend Jerusalem, whose blood runs red.
Arise, hero, so the flags of victory will fly above the walls of Jerusalem, above the minarets of its mosques, above the bells of the churches.

Hashem’s (i.e., the grandfather of Islam’s prophet Muhammad) Gaza calls you, as it stands resolute and embraces freedom.
Be not like a stone
Arise and behold the future of Jerusalem – It is Judaized, stolen, destroyed.
After you arise, the flags of victory will surely fly in the sky above the trees.
Arise, hero, and die a Martyr (Shahid) while defending the land of the homeland,
the holy of holies (i.e., Jerusalem), the grave of the hero symbol (i.e., Yasser Arafat)
Arise, and cries of joy will fill the horizon
Despite the oppressor’s tyranny and violence.
Arise, arise, arise;
We are waiting.”

Zayzafuna is a PLO magazine for children funded by the PA. The magazine, which includes material written by both the magazine’s staff and child readers, represents the values of the educators and serves as a window into the minds of the Palestinian children submitting material to the magazine. PMW’s book
Deception includes a chapter on Zayzafuna. Following PMW’s exposure of Hitler glorification in the February 2011 issue, UNESCO halted its funding of the magazine. View UNESCO’s statement and PMW's bulletin on the December 2011 issue of the magazine.

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