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Abbas denies PA incitement to hatred: "We don’t educate our children to hate"

Official PA TV Live  |
PA Chairman Abbas at the World Economic Forum in Jordan:
     "The Palestinian people longs for peace after 65 years of suffering (i.e., since the establishment of the State of Israel). We don't teach and we don't educate our children to hate or even discriminate against any religion, be it Judaism or any other. The opposite is true. We strive to spread the culture of peace among our people.
I now want to address the issue of incitement. They say that there is incitement in our text books or in our media or in other places. We have been studying this issue over and over again for 13 years. When we were negotiating at Wye River, this issue was dealt with. We spoke of how to remove all factors that contribute to hate, how to remove all factors that contribute to incitement between the two people, so as to prepare the future conditions that will allow them to live side by side.
We set up a tri-party committee (i.e., the Trilateral Anti-Incitement Committee) – Israelis, Palestinians, and Americans – that would meet weekly to discuss any and all matters of incitement, and we expressed absolute willingness to relate most seriously to what the committee would decide. This committee functioned for a year, and then it stopped. At every meeting, at every level, we bring [the matter of] this committee to the table, and we say that there is no relation between this and the political process. This is an important matter for all of us, let’s look at it anew, let’s re-establish this committee so that we can activate it as in the past. And up until now, we haven’t received a positive response.”
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