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PA TV teaches children not to trust Jews

Boy 1: “I saw Prophet [Muhammad] digging [the trench] with his hands along with the Muslims...”
Boy 2: “Where were they digging?”
Boy 1: “North of Medina.”
Boy 2: “Why?”
Boy 1: “Because mountains, gardens and date trees surround Medina from all sides except for the exposed northern side where we are digging the trench and the southern side where the Qurayza (Jewish tribe) live.”
Boy 2: “Does the Prophet trust the Qurayza?”
Boy 1: “They have a treaty with him [the Prophet].”
Boy 2: “Since when do Jews keep their treaties? Have you forgotten the Qaynuqa and the Nadir?”
Boy 1: “I haven’t forgotten but I’m sure Allah will protect the Prophet.”
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Note: Amidst the Arab pagan population of Medina, there were also three Jewish tribes. In the year 625, Muhammad exiled the Jewish Qaynuqa and Nadir tribes. Soon afterward, he captured the Qurayza tribe and had the 750 male captives decapitated and the wives and children sold into slavery. Islamic tradition justifies Muhammad's actions, teaching that the three Jewish tribes broke their treaties with Muhammad.

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