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Official PA daily: Jewish claim to Israel as a homeland is "based on the fabricated biblical and Talmudic tales"

Op-ed by Dr. As'ad Abd Al-Rahman, regular columnist for Al-Hayat Al-Jadida:
"The leaders of the Zionist state, from their first prime minister, David Ben Gurion, to the present day, from the right to the left, agree that historical Palestine is 'Israel's homeland'... This [claim is] based on the fabricated biblical and Talmudic tales. All this points to an Israeli fortress mentality, which is faithful to the Zionist heritage, which is based on racism, arrogance and the lie of 'the chosen people,' and based on the 'Masada complex' - a fear of recurrence of the 7 years of a Roman army siege which forced the Jewish men in the fortress to make a strange decision that no reasonable person throughout history has ever understood: to kill their women, children and elders and then commit suicide...
Israel and peace are opposites. This [Israel] is a state that surrounds itself with physical and psychological concrete walls that are ingrained in the Jewish mentality, which is based on rejection and fear of the other, and which sees the solution in expanding the construction of the fortress walls. Even the racist separation fence, in addition to being a kind of 'apartheid', recalls the tradition of the Jewish ghetto in Europe. Therefore, one can say that Israel's recourse to building the fence stems from reasons connected to the internal psychological structure of the Israeli character, which was formed in the shadow of the Jewish ghetto worldview."
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