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Hamas TV entertains children with rocket sounds

Al-Aqsa TV, Hamas  |

An excerpt of the Hamas TV children's program Tomorrow's Pioneers:
Child host: Do a last imitation of the sound of our rockets.
Adult guest: Rockets?
Nahul: The sound of the explosion.
Child host: To encourage and excite our audience, our children friends.
(Guest makes rocket sound)
Boy: That's the M-75.
Adult guest: The sound of a rocket when it's launched from us, the M-75.
Child host: And when it reaches them [the Israelis]?
Adult guest: I can't hear it.
Nahul: No, no, I heard it, I was in the clouds. I heard it go (makes explosion sound).
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Note: The M-75 is a long-range rocket with a range of 70 to 75 km. During Israel's Operation Pillar of Defense, which aimed at destroying the terror infrastructure in the Gaza Strip in November 2012, Hamas fired this rocket in the direction of Jerusalem and of Tel Aviv.

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