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Logo marking Fatah’s 50th anniversary includes rifles symbolizing violent resistance

The image includes the number 50 ‎symbolizing the 50th anniversary of ‎Fatah since its first terror attack against ‎Israel in 1965. The dove symbolizes the ‎freeing of Palestinian prisoners and the ‎rifle represents the means through ‎which “Palestine” will be “liberated.” The ‎image also shows the Al-Aqsa Mosque, ‎the Palestinian flag, and Fatah’s logo.‎
Posted text: “The members of Fatah ‎remain loyal to this movement, which ‎has revived the Palestinian cause and ‎reminded the world of Palestine, and ‎resisted using all the means at its ‎disposal. They are loyal to its ‎commanders and remain loyal to the ‎path, rooted in Palestine and devoted to ‎the cause, which we will never betray.”‎
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