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Fatah: Japanese terrorists who killed 24 are “heroes”

The photo shows a monument in Beirut, Lebanon, commemorating Japanese terrorists who participated in a terror attack in Israel in 1972.
Posted text: “They were neither Arab nor ‎Muslim, yet they sacrificed their lives for ‎Palestine.”‎
‎Text on monument: ‎‎“The Popular Front for the Liberation of ‎Palestine; The Japanese Red Army; A monument for the heroes of the Lod ‎airport operation (i.e., terror attack) in ‎occupied Palestine.
Bassem - Takeshi Okudaira: Born in 1945; Died as a Martyr (Shahid) ‎in 1972 during the Lod airport operation.
Salah - Yasuyuki Yasuda: Born in 1945; Died as a Martyr in 1972 ‎during the Lod airport operation.
‎‘Martyr of Freedom,’ Yussuf – Takao Himori: Born in 1947‎; Died as a Martyr in 2002 after setting ‎himself on fire to protest the Israeli ‎invasion of the West Bank.
Nizar - Osamu Maruoka: Born in 1950‎; Died as a Martyr in 2011 from an illness ‎‎[incurred] during his incarceration.” ‎
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Notes:‎ Lod Airport attack – On May 30, 1972, ‎Takeshi Okudaira, Yasuyuki Yasuda and ‎Kozo Okamoto – members of ‎the Japanese Red Army who had been ‎recruited by the Palestinian terror organization, the Popular Front for the ‎ Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) – carried ‎out a terror attack at Israel’s Lod (Tel ‎Aviv) airport, killing 24 (8 Israelis and ‎‎16 foreign tourists), and wounding over ‎‎70. Okudaira and Yasuda were killed ‎during the attack; Okamoto was arrested.‎
‎Takao Himori –‎Palestinian rights activist who set himself ‎on fire and burned to death in Tokyo, ‎Japan, in 2002, to protest Israeli policy in ‎the West Bank.‎
Osamu Maruoka – One of the leaders of ‎the Japanese Red Army. He was ‎arrested in Japan in 1987, and died while ‎serving a life sentence in prison in 2011.‎

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