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Palestinian kids told, "Leave toys, take up stones"

In this PA TV music video, Palestinian kids are told to leave their toys and take up stones: Text introducing song: "This song is dedicated to the Palestinian child Martyr Muhammad Al-Dura, who symbolized the courage of the Palestinian-Arab nation, its children, elders, and mothers. It [the song] demonstrates the hatred, cowardice, and oppression of the Zionist Israelis." Song: "The promise of peace is over. The time for talking is over. The stone of our country in the hands of a youth confronts you, my enemy. Defeat him, O stone! Defeat him!" [Video cuts to a young boy who drops his toy car and picks up a stone.] "I will meet you, Muhammad, Palestine's child." [Young girl drops her doll and picks up a stone.] Note: Muhammad Al-Dura is a boy who Palestinians believe was killed by Israelis during a shootout with Hamas on September 30, 2000.

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