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Hamas bee replaces Hamas Mickey Mouse and teaches Jews are enemies of Allah

Al-Aqsa TV, Hamas  |

Child host Sara'a: "Who are you? And where did you come from?"
Nahul the bee: "I am Nahul [the bee], Farfur's cousin. [Farfur was a Mickey Mouse character, killed in a previous episode by the Mossad]
Sara'a: "And what do you want?"
Nahul the bee: "I want to continue the path of Farfur, the path of "Islam is the solution. The path of heroism, the path of Martyrdom, the path of the Jihad warriors. Me and my friends shall continue the path of Farfur. And in his name we shall avenge the enemies of Allah, the murderers of the prophets (i.e., the Jews), the murderers of innocent children, until Al-Aqsa will be liberated from their filth."
Sara'a: "Welcome, welcome Nahul."
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