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PA news agency responds to PMW’s efforts at international education conference in Canada

PMW attended the the 7th World Congress of Education International (EI), the international organization of teachers' unions on July 21, 2015. PMW released a report on PA education at the conference. For information about PMW’s activities at the conference and to view the report, click here.
Headline: Ottawa: “Thwarting Israeli efforts to put a label of terrorism on our people at an international conference”
     “Palestine thwarted a new Israeli attempt to put a label of terrorism and incitement on our people. The [Palestinian] General Delegation in Canada, under the instructions of the [PA] Foreign Ministry, thwarted an Israeli plan to create an international precedent for accusing Palestine of hostility and systematic incitement in its schoolbooks, to distort the facts and put a label of terrorism on Palestine. This occurred during the 7th World Congress of Education International, representing 400 institutions from 170 countries around the world in the Capital of Canada, Ottawa.
In the concluding statement of the conference, Israel, backed by some of its allies, included sections in which Palestine was accused of ‘hostility and hate towards Israel and continuing attempts to carry out terror attacks from within Palestinian hospitals and schools in Gaza in order to kill a larger number of Israelis.’ In addition, the [Palestinian] Authority was accused of a ‘systematic, intentional use of educational curricula inciting against Israel’s right to exist, encouraging [Palestinians] to belittle the Jews and scorn them, and presenting the conflict in a barbaric way.’ It was also [written that] ‘these curricula preach Jihad and violence instead of peace and mutual understanding.’ Moreover, the statements called to make changes to the Palestinian schoolbooks for the different levels of education, to educate the Palestinian students for co-existence and reconciliation, to forsake the mentality of Shahada (i.e., Martyrdom seeking) and struggle and recognize Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state.
Despite attempts by South Africa and the UK to suggest alternative sections in order to soften the Israeli tone, the General Delegation of the Palestinian State in Canada and the joint Palestinian delegation… succeeded in forcing the conference presidency to announce the removal of these sections and their non-acceptance.”

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