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PA daily calls PMW report on PA education "racism", and claims Israeli schools “prepares the ground for acts of massacre”

In this article, the PA daily responded to a PMW report on PA education, which was presented at the 7th World Congress of Education International (EI) on July 22, 2015.
Headline: “Israel: Barbarity and murder based on school curricula and Talmudic ideology”
     “Israeli schools with their different curricula, between state education and ultra-orthodox education, prepare children, conceptually and ideologically, to become soldiers armed with a racist Talmudic faith. [This faith] prepares the ground for acts of massacre, no less barbaric than the burning of the baby [Ali] Dawabsheh alive, for they [Israelis] have been taught that they are the dominant race, and that killing their ‘inferiors’ is permissible - this is the essence unanimously agreed upon by academics and politicians with Israeli citizenship.
The international collusion with the occupation’s racism continues. The most recent example are the recommendations of the 7th World Congress of Education International, held a few days ago [July 22- 26, 2015], at the end of last month, in Ottawa, Canada. They demanded that the Palestinians condemn what was defined as ‘violence’ and ‘terror’ (resistance) [parentheses in source] in their school books and curricula, [that they] remove all forms of incitement from elementary schools, universities and children’s books, [that they] educate children against the teachings of Jihad and Martyrdom (Shahada), recognize Israel’s right to exist as a free, democratic state and the land of the Jews, and additional demands.”

PMW summary: The next paragraph of the article describes Palestinian attempts to find or expose racism in Israeli curricula and textbooks, and mentions Nurit Peled-Elhanan, an Israeli professor of language and education at the Hebrew University, who wrote the book ‘Palestine in Israeli School Books: Ideology and Propaganda in Education.’ Elhanan says her book should have been presented at the congress to expose the ‘true face’ of education in Israel, showing that Israeli schoolbooks are racist in their depiction of Arabs in Israel, and legitimize violence against them.

Next, the article quotes Israeli Parliament (Knesset) member Dr. Yousef Jabarin, who divides education in Israel into three categories (state, state-religious, and ultra-orthodox education) and claims all three are infected with racism, especially religious education, which allows killing non-Jews and incites violence against Palestinians.

Director of the Supreme Monitoring Committee for Arab Education in Israel Atef Ma’adi is also quoted in the article. According to Ma’adi, Arab school teachers are treated unfairly and Israeli schools are rewarded for high recruitment rates. He uses a 2012 study by the Tel Aviv University to show Israeli students are highly influenced by school curricula that reaffirm the Jewish identity of Israel and erase the existence of non-Jews. (PMW Ed.: PMW criticized a 2013 study from Tel Aviv University in
this op-ed)

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