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Abbas condemns Joseph’s Tomb arson, silent about terror attacks that kill Israeli civilians

This item was published during a terror wave in Israel that began in October 2015. The period saw an unusually high number of attacks against Israeli soldiers and civilians, particularly stabbings, shootings, and rock-throwing, but also run-over attacks and throwing Molotov cocktails. As of this writing (Oct. 25, 2015), PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has not condemned even one of these terror attacks. Instead, Abbas continues pouring fuel on the fire by telling Palestinians that the Al-Aqsa Mosque is in danger and encouraging them to “protect it.”  In this article, Abbas condemns and calls for an investigation into the arson carried out by Palestinians against Joseph’s Tomb on Oct. 16, 2015. However, Abbas’ condemnation for the spate of terror attacks in which Israelis have been murdered is conspicuous by its absence.

Headline: “President [Abbas] put together immediate committee to investigate what occurred at Joseph’s Tomb”
      “[PA] President Mahmoud Abbas publicized yesterday [Oct. 16, 2015] the decision to put together an immediate committee for the investigation of what occurred early yesterday morning at Joseph’s Tomb where irresponsible acts were committed, and to begin to repair the damages caused by this unacceptable act which deserves to be condemned. The president emphasized his absolute disapproval of acts of this type, and of every illegal act which harms our culture, religion, and ethics… Sources in the Palestinian security said to the Ma’an news agency that dozens of enraged [Palestinian] citizens gathered next to Joseph’s Tomb - which is considered by the settlers to be a [Jewish] holy site - invaded it, and threw a number of Molotov cocktails into it, which led to the ignition of a fire inside it.”

Joseph’s Tomb arson attack - Located near the West Bank city of Nablus, Joseph's Tomb was set on fire by a gathering of Palestinian youth on Oct. 16, 2015, who threw Molotov cocktails into it. When they began to enter the tomb, PA security forces removed them from the site, and local Palestinian firefighters put out the fire.
PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas condemned the attack, set up a committee to investigate it, and said the PA would repair the damages and cover the cost of doing so. It should be noted that in addition to being holy to Judaism, according to Islam Joseph was a Muslim prophet and the Muslims also consider the tomb a holy site.

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