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PA to investigate Joseph’s Tomb arson, but silent about terror attacks that killed Israeli civilians

This item was published during a terror wave in Israel that began in October 2015. The period saw an unusually high number of attacks against Israeli soldiers and civilians, particularly stabbings, shootings, and rock-throwing, but also run-over attacks and throwing Molotov cocktails. As of this writing (Oct. 25, 2015), PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has not condemned even one of these terror attacks. Instead, Abbas continues pouring fuel on the fire by telling Palestinians that the Al-Aqsa Mosque is in danger and encouraging them to "protect" it.  In this article, Abbas’ Ministry of Information calls for an investigation into the arson carried out by Palestinians against Joseph’s Tomb on Oct. 16, 2015. Abbas himself also publicly condemned the arson on Joseph’s Tomb. However, Abbas’ condemnation for the spate of terror attacks in which Israelis have been murdered is conspicuous by its absence.

Headline: "[PA Ministry of] Information calls for accuracy in advertising"
     “The PA Ministry of Information called on all the Palestinian and foreign media to be accurate, professional, and objective in reporting the news related to the burning of a side room in Joseph's Tomb next to the Balata [refugee] camp by unknown individuals in the early hours of the morning yesterday [Oct. 16, 2015]. Likewise, it called on them [the media] to follow this matter via the committee put together by the president in order to investigate what happened in the area of Joseph's Tomb. The police began to investigate the event, while some of the media sites intentionally relied on an unclear security notice, and some of the headlines on new sites noted that the tomb was burnt, and the truth is that the part that was burnt was new, added by the occupation to the holy site, after it occupied the West Bank… The ministry emphasized that Israel is the main body harming and desecrating Islamic and Christian holy sites and religious symbols, and strives [to do so] around the clock, through decisions made by the right-wing extreme government, and legislated by the [Israeli] Parliament (Knesset) which is ruled by the right-wing government, which are meant to turn the conflict into a religious conflict.”

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