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Saeb Erekat: Palestinian terror is self-defense against “summary executions”

Headline: "Erekat: The occupation is the source of evil in the region and it has to end"
"Secretary-General of PLO Executive Committee [and Fatah Central Committee member] Saeb Erekat called on the US administration to stop relating to Israel as if it is a country above the law, since the occupation is the source of evil in the region and must end. Erekat said yesterday [Oct. 25, 2015] at a press conference in the Palestinian embassy in Cairo, in the presence of the Palestinian Ambassador to Egypt and permanent representative in the Arab League Jamal Al-Shubaki: 'We may not allow any of our compasses to deviate from focusing on ending the occupation, [finding] a solution to the Palestinian issue, in all its aspects, and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state. Because the key to peace in the region is the establishment of a Palestinian state, the freedom of the Palestinian people and its national honor.' ... He said: 'The Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people still continues, through summary executions and collective punishments.' Likewise, he emphasized: 'We are protecting ourselves with the bodies of our sons and daughters, because Israel does not protect itself, but rather its crimes, occupation and settlement.' Erekat said: 'Whoever wants calm, must stop the aggression against the Palestinian people immediately, and treat the root of the problem, which is the continuation of the occupation. Whoever wants to fight ISIS and terror in the region, must understand that this can't be done without drying up the quagmire of Israeli occupation in the region.'"
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