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PA TV song: “My blood belongs to my land… there is nothing sweeter than Martyrdom… the blood of righteous Martyrs will water it [the land]”

Song broadcast on official PA TV: Story of a Hero by singer Shadi Al-Burini
"Mahmoud woke up and left quickly. He wanted to return quickly
[He told his wife:] 'Give me the rifle.' She said: 'Be careful.'
He told her: 'My land calls me. I'm going and my blood belongs to my land.
And if I do not return, tell Ahmad (i.e., their unborn son) "there is nothing sweeter than Martyrdom."
'My land will remain free, despite the occupation
When Palestine calls us, it will find us [ready] on the top of the hill.
This land raised free men, glory and suffering have been sown in it
Whenever it is thirsty, the blood of righteous Martyrs will water it.'
Mahmoud resisted and did not give in
This is what he was taught and what he learned
In his last breath he said ‘There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is his Prophet’
And closed his eyes and smiled.
[His son] Ahmad, 14 years later
Martyrs do not die
We are a people that do not know fear
We love Martyrdom
Here in Palestine, here we remain."

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