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Terror mom urges terrorist prisoners to smuggle out sperm to father as many children as possible

Text on screen: “Yaman, a Palestinian baby, born June 15, 2019
but far from his father, prisoner Nasr Abu Hmeid”

Wife of terrorist Nasr Abu Hmeid, Ala’ Al-Naji: “We feel very good about having given birth to Yaman in defiance of the Jews. May he light up our lives and light up our faces, and may Nasr return safely, Allah willing.” …

Text on screen: “Abu Hmeid, 43, is serving 5 life sentences in prison and succeeded in fathering his son through sperm smuggled out of the occupation’s prisons”

Mother of terrorist Nasr Abu Hmeid, Um Nasser Abu Hmeid: “I say to every mother of a prisoner, whose son is in prison and whose sentence is long, not to hesitate [so] that as many babies as possible will be born. Even two or three from one womb is an achievement for the Palestinian people.”

Posted text on Facebook: “In defiance of the occupation; Yaman – a new baby who prisoner Nasr Abu Hmeid was blessed with through smuggled sperm”

Nasr Abu Hmeid

Um Nasser Abu Hmeid

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