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“Israel is racist… has outdone what Hitler did,” says former Jordanian minister

Official PA TV program From Amman, on Israel, hosting former Jordanian Minister of Education and Advisor at Philadelphia University in Jordan Dr. Ibrahim Badran

Former Jordanian Minister of Education and Advisor at Philadelphia University in Jordan Dr. Ibrahim Badran: "What we are discovering is that Israel is a racist state, not just discriminatory, but a racist [state]."

Official PA TV host: "In its political and ideological structure."

Dr. Ibrahim Badran: "In its political and ideological structure, in the sense of rejecting the other in a Nazi, Hitlerian manner – in other words, rejection whose goal is to destroy the other, to kill the other, and not just to take a negative position against him. This is an issue that passes as a legacy between Israeli governments, government after government, party after party. Even if you find that the right-wing parties differ from each other a bit, all of them are part of one camp, and it is the racist camp that wants to take revenge on the other, the camp that does not recognize international law, human values, or human laws – there is human law and international law. Can a state with such characteristics be fondly called a democratic state? This is a barbaric, racist state that has outdone what Hitler did. But the difference is that Hitler murdered many at once and in one period of time, while Israel is murdering the others slowly, and murdering their property."

Host: "With Western, international, and American support."

Dr. Ibrahim Badran: "with Western support. It is attempting to kill their [the Palestinians’] heritage and culture and to fabricate their [Jewish] history.

The Arab states must understand that the Zionist danger is not limited only to Palestine, and that the Zionist ambitions are not limited to Palestine. This is a colonialist movement of occupation - greedy and insatiable.

I have mentioned in my article about the conference in Manama (i.e., refers to US-led conference in Bahrain in June 2019 focusing on economic aspects of US President Donald Trump's Middle East peace plan) that Israel is looking at the Gulf [states'] money and coveting that money, and we do not know how it will behave in order to gain entry. Therefore, the Arab states and the intellectuals must understand that standing side by side with the Palestinian people-"

Host: "-is granting them a security net and supporting them."

Dr. Ibrahim Badran: "It is support for the security of their states and societies and the cordoning off of this evil that Zionism represents."

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