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Fatah on Facebook: "We will defend our holy sites with our blood"

Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik  |
Fatah to Jews: "You will never have a place in it [Jerusalem]"

Palestinian Media Watch has documented that Abbas' Fatah Movement uses Facebook to promote terror, spread Antisemitism, and deny Israel's right to exist

For example in July, Fatah again used its Facebook page to promote violence by broadcasting a video featuring footage of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas talking about the danger of losing Jerusalem merged with texts on the screen calling to "defend our holy sites with our blood." This text appears while visuals show US President Trump visiting Israel, the Western Wall and meeting with Israeli PM Netanyahu. The video denies Jews any rights in Jerusalem, showing footage of Jews visiting the Temple Mount and praying at the Western Wall while the text "Jerusalem is ours and you will never have a place in it" shows on the screen. An additional text directed at Israel stresses Fatah's viewpoint that "the shining rage will uproot the tyranny from our land."
The following is the transcript and text of the video Fatah posted on Facebook:

Text on screen: "The deal of the century will never pass. We will defend our holy sites with our blood and our souls"
Video of Mahmoud Abbas: "This is not allowed. This cannot happen. This is a decisive moment, a dangerous moment for us. Our entire future is at stake. If Jerusalem is lost, what will you say afterwards?"
Text on screen: "Jerusalem is ours and you will never have a place in it"
Video of Abbas: "This is a crucial moment that demands that every Palestinian present themselves immediately, to quickly discuss the fate of the eternal capital [Jerusalem]. In politics: It's the capital. In religion: It's the capital. In geography: It's the capital."
Text on screen: "The shining rage will uproot the tyranny from our land"
Video of Abbas: "Here we sit, here we will remain. We will never repeat the mistakes of the past. We will not repeat the mistakes of 1948 or the mistakes of 1967. We are remaining here - occupation, settlements, whatever - We are remaining here!"
Song lyrics:
"The home is ours
and Jerusalem is ours"
Text on screen: "The home is ours and Jerusalem is ours. And with our hands we will liberate it, Allah willing"
[Official Fatah Facebook page, July 28, 2019]
Abbas has repeatedly declared that Jerusalem is only "holy to Muslims and Christians," denying the city's importance as a holy site for Jews. In 2015, he stated that Palestinians wouldn't "allow" the Jews' "filthy feet" to "defile" the holy sites, and implicitly called for violence, "blessing" every "drop of blood," and promising "every Martyr" would be "rewarded by Allah." This launched what was to become a wave of violence and terror attacks, in which Palestinian terrorists murdered 44 people.
In 2014, Abbas called on Palestinians to prevent Jews "in any way" from "defiling... our holy places" claiming Jewish presence on the Temple Mount was harming an Islamic holy place. This call was broadcast at least 32 times during a wave of Palestinian terror attacks in which 12 Israelis were murdered.
In 2017, official PA TV and radio chose to rebroadcast Abbas' implicit call for violence at least 46 times during the weeks following the American recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.
PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas: "This is our Sanctuary, our Al-Aqsa and our Church [of the Holy Sepulchre]. They have no right to enter it. They have no right to defile it. We must prevent them. Let us stand before them with chests bared to protect our holy places."


[Official PA radio station The Voice of Palestine & Official PA TV, Dec. 6, 2017 - Jan. 2, 2018]