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Facebook's lethal double standard

Nan Jacques Zilberdik and Itamar Marcus  |
  • Facebook removes PMW exposure of terror promotion but leaves numerous Fatah posts glorifying murderers and promoting terror untouched

Last week, Palestinian Media Watchexposed an animated video on the social media network TikTok that showed reenactments of four real terror attacks against Israelis. After PMW’s exposure, TikTok did the right thing and promptly removed the video from its network.

By contrast, Facebook decided to remove PMW’sexposureof the same video, claiming PMW had “violated its community standards.” However, this was not violent content created by PMW, but PMW’s exposureof such content made and published on social media by others!

This would be comical if it was not so outrageous. 

For years, PMW has documented the promotion and glorification of terror and murderers of Israelis by Abbas’ Fatah Movement on Facebook. But Facebook has chosen to turn a blind eye. Since the beginning of 2019, PMW has urged Facebook to remove such posts and close Fatah’s page because of the content glorifying terror and violence, but Facebook has ignored PMW’s documentation and actively decided to let Fatah continue promoting violence and glorifying terrorists.

PMW has documented Fatah’s violation of Facebook’s community standards in two major reports: Fatah's official Facebook page in 2018 - A platform for glorifying murder and promoting terror,documenting Fatah’s misuse of the page in 2018, and the Fatah-Facebook Terror Promotion Partnership, showing Fatah’s continued misuse of the page and Facebook’s facilitation of it during 2019. Additional PMW reports have documented that throughout 2019 and in 2020 Facebook has continued to willingly let Fatah use Facebook as a platform for terror glorification and violence promotion.

Facebook is making a clear statement: There is terror promotion that it rejects, and there is terror promotion that it embraces. Facebook clearly has embraced Fatah’s terror promotion.

The following are 10 examples of Fatah’s promotion of violence and terror on Facebook, documented by Palestinian Media Watch in 2019 and 2020: 

Fatah: “We'll redeem Palestine with blood… Trump... shove [the deal] up your [ass]" or "we'll declare a war only Allah can extinguish"

Fatah greets 2020 with terror glorification fest

Fatah threatens anyone supporting the deal of the century - in song on Fatah Facebook

Fatah threatens burning of Jewish towns, song: "With cleavers and knives, with grenades we announced a popular war"

Flaunting terror, Abbas' Fatah strides into 2020

It's official. It's a Palestinian "value" to murder Israeli men on their way to prayer, promoted by Fatah

Mom tells her son he is "ammunition," destined for Martyrdom - in girl's poem published by Fatah

Who would celebrate killing "10 Zionists," "37 Zionists," and "76 (and more)"? Fatah would!

"We will defend our holy sites with our blood," Fatah calls to “liberate” Jerusalem

Fatah: Murdering children is "legitimate human struggle" - when killer is Palestinian and victims are Israelis