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PA pays imprisoned and released terrorists’ university studies

Independent Palestinian news agency Ma’an host: “The prisoners are studying in ‎the [Palestinian] universities, and accordingly there are allowances that are ‎transferred to the universities in exchange for the prisoners’ studies…‎"
Director of PLO Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs Qadri Abu Bakr: "In prison [the ‎prisoner] is “covered,” [and paid for] whether at university or studying for his ‎matriculation exam… Every prisoner who is released after a year is eligible to study ‎at university and also carpentry, metalworking, and the like. Any profession we can ‎cover for him...‎"
Host: “For all prisoners, or for prisoners who served a specific number of years?”‎
Qadri Abu Bakr: "All prisoners who served over a year in prison. They have the right ‎to this…‎"
Host: "What is the approximate sum of the debts to the universities?‎"
Qadri Abu Bakr: “Over $3 million. To the universities. $3-3.5 million.”‎

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