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PA and Fatah lie, turn murderer of 3 into victim of “arbitrary attack” and execution in cold blood

Official PA TV newsreader: “Young Muhammad Murad Souf, 18 (i.e., terrorist, murdered 3), died as a Martyr… shot by the occupation forces in the Ariel settlement industrial park…"

Fatah Secretary in town of Hares, Hashem Daoud: “We as Fatah Tanzim (i.e., Fatah terror faction) strongly condemn the arbitrary attack against our children, especially the execution of Martyr [Muhammad Souf] in cold blood today…"

Official PA TV reporter: “Today a new crime has been added to the list of the occupation’s crimes, and a new Martyr joins the procession of Martyrs, who with their blood are drawing the most exalted scenes of glory and the supreme degree of loyalty to the soil of this homeland.”

Footage of stabbing attack [Telegram, Nov. 15, 2022]

PA and Fatah lie [Official PA TV News, Nov. 15, 2022]

Muhammad Murad Sami Souf - 18-year-old terrorist and Fatah member who murdered 3 Israelis and wounded 3 others in a stabbing and car ramming attack at the Ariel Industrial Park in the northern West Bank on Nov. 15, 2022. Souf was shot and killed by Israeli soldiers and armed civilians, who thereby ended his attack. Souf, from the village of Hares northwest of Ariel, had a work permit to work at Intel in the Ariel Industrial Park.


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